Bicycle rental is a service provided by Nicola Panella NIE: Y3385363F Paseo Reding 11 29016 Màlaga below “LA BICICLETTA”

LA BICICLETTA is the owner of the rental bicycles and the equipment set forth in this lease. To ensure that the bicycle and equipment is used correctly and to guarantee that each user behaves responsibly, and has the best possible experience, the renter agrees to:

  1. Be responsible for the care and return of the bicycle and accessories (locks, helmet, keys, etc...). Bicycles will be inspected upon delivery. They must be returned in the same condition as when they were rented, the user being responsible for any damage caused. In case of theft or loss of the material, the user will have the obligation to pay LA BICICLETTA the amount of the stolen material.
  1. The user knows and undertakes to respect traffic laws and regulations and is responsible for any damage caused (to himself or to third parties) as a result of any accident while using the bicycle.
  1. LA BICICLETTA is not responsible for any type of claim. The user is obliged at all times to lock the bicycles correctly. To avoid theft, it is recommended to always lock it from the frame and roll in fixed places.
  1. In case of theft of the bicycle, the lessor must pay the total amount of the same ( Basic bike 150 € Special bike 250 € )
  1. A deposit of €50 in cash per bicycle is required, which will be returned when the bicycle is returned once its condition has been verified. Additionally, a photograph of the DNI / driver's license of the lessee will be taken. The deposit or deposit are in anticipation of possible damage, damage or non-return of the accessories that have been rented. Payment and deposit will always be made in full and in advance at the time of rental.
  1. No refund will be made for returns before the time stipulated in the contract.
  1. The delay in the return of the bicycle(s) will entail the payment of the corresponding fee.
  1. In the event of a breakdown, LA BICICLETTA undertakes to assist and change the bicycle, the assistance is valid only in the city of Málaga. Eastern limit is Peñon del Cuervo, Western limit paserela Guadalhorce river. To do this you must contact the number +34-644-23-60-44.

  2. The cancellation of the reservation can be made up to 24 hours in advance, by communicating it by sending an email to